Due to the ongoing massive supply chain disruptions many items that normally were in stock can be on long back orders for up to 26+ weeks. This initial back order problem started to surface in the 2nd quarter of 2021 of around 8 weeks. Manufactures have progressively extended these lead times just like a moving target for reasons that are out of their control, the global chip shortage. Currently as of March of 2022 certain key products may now require an estimated 39 week lead times which puts the handcuffs on all new orders. This has caused a unprecedented disruption in the efficiency that business is conducted, and building integrated AV systems which rely on all the pieces of the puzzle for them to function as a system. The massive shortages of chip sets, semiconductors, resin, wood, certain types of metals and slower production capability, shipping delays has led to the extremely long back orders and affected pretty much all industries around the world.

We will continue to do our best to work through this frustrating supply chain problem that has impacted the entire world for the past 2 years.

Bill Proud

Please click the link to the article below from SVC published on 5-21-2021.